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Daily Digest September 2, 2011



  • Intel may delay Ivy Bridge launch by a few months

    There’s a rumor swirling about that may upset a few people planning on a PC upgrade in early 2012. Intel is apparently considering putting back the release of its Ivy Bridge platform. The move to Ivy Bridge chips and chipset is a significant one because it introduces a number of desirable features as well as […]

  • Acer, Lenovo, and Toshiba show off first Ultrabooks at IFA 2011

    Ah, the Ultrabook! Intel’s made-up new market niche that combines the thin of the ‘thin and light’ group with the power of full size notebooks. Really, you could just keep calling them notebooks or laptops, but where’s the fun in that? Whatever you call them, the group represents a concerted effort by Windows laptop manufacturers to […]

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