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Daily Digest September 18, 2011



  • MIT Media Lab experiments with 3D printing using recycled materials

    We talk a lot about 3D printing, mostly because it’s such a cool concept and the results are always truly awesome. We’ve seen a 3D printer made of LEGO pieces, a 3D printer that can print artificial blood vessels, a solar-powered 3D printer that makes glass objects out of sand, and even a 3D-printed bikini. […]

  • iPhone 4s listing on AT&T must be a fake

    The iPhone 4S has been one of the recurring rumors surrounding the launch of the iPhone 5. We’ve heard that there is no iPhone 5 this year, but an updated iPhone 4 carrying the 4S name instead. But we’ve also had it suggested the iPhone 4S is a smaller, cheaper iPhone allowing Apple to appeal […]

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