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Daily Digest September 17, 2011



  • Move over Hollywood, the Entrepreneurial Walk of Fame gets its first 7 geeks

    American culture is quick to celebrate its celebrities famous for their roles in music, TV, and music, but why is it that we don’t give as much attention to the people who really did something to make a difference in our day-to-day lives? Over 2,400 celebrities are celebrated and honored for eternity at Hollywood’s Walk […]

  • Starbucks and iTunes now giving away free e-books, iOS apps, are TV shows next?

    Good news! Besides the delightful Pumpkin Spice latte we look forward to every fall, Starbucks is going to throw something else into the mix to sweeten the deal. The mega-corp has long since offered a free “Pick of the Week” song download with your orange mocha Frappaccino purchase, but thanks to Starbucks’ longstanding relationship with […]

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