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Daily Digest September 13, 2011



  • Plastic Logic 100 eReader offers a shatterproof way to replace textbooks

    Being a textbook can be tough. It’s a hard knock life getting chucked into backpacks and lockers, after all. It’s also tough being a kid that has to lug around 20 pounds of assorted books all day long while trudging up and down the stairs (or around campus) at school. The dead-tree drudgery could soon […]

  • Dell to fix cracked Alienware M11x laptop hinges even if outside warranty

    When got its hands on the Alienware M11x gaming laptop in April last year, we were very impressed. It was a solid gaming machine, but could also be used all day as a workhorse. However, the laptop later turned out to be less than perfect, and some of the hinges on the M11x started […]

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  1. Comments  SNComix   |  Wednesday, 14 September 2011 at 1:51 PM

    lol omg. He looks like he got possessed by kingkong

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