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Daily Digest September 12, 2011



  • BlackBerry Bold 9980 spotted, shrouded in mystery

    The recently-released BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 has generated some much-needed buzz for RIM. From the improved user experience of BlackBerry 7 OS and 1.2GHz processor  to the generous keyboard and 640×480 touchscreen, the Bold is a solid option for today’s smartphone shoppers. Now, a device that might be a snazzed-up version of the Bold 9900 […]

  • HTC considers acquiring a mobile OS

    Most of the mobile OS acquisition talk in the last two months has been about Samsung, whose misgivings about the Google-Motorola deal were thought to be sparking interest in an alternative to Android. An alternative besides its own Bada OS, which seemed somewhat unlikely. With Samsung flat out denying that it had any interest in […]

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