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Daily Digest September 10, 2011



  • Auto-Correct Love Song shows how texting can ruin your love life

    Autocorrect has become a notoriously frustrating feature we put up with every day while typing on our phones. We posted back in June about an iOS 5 texting shortcut that makes typing swear words easy to do. Normally, if you try to type the word “hell” into your iPhone while texting, the word will turn […]

  • Droid Bionic owners beware: Not all Motorola Lapdocks are created equal

    As I sat in the theater at the AT&T developers conference just before CES this year, Motorola announced the Atrix. A decent looking, crazy-powerful phone that was coming to help shore up AT&T’s lineup now that Verizon was getting the iPhone. Cool enough phone, I thought, but what makes it special? My question was answered […]

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