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Daily Digest October 5, 2011



  • Razor-thin Nexus Prime profile shot promises something special

    Now that the iPhone 4S has been announced, you can bet that Samsung and Google will be doing everything in their power between now and October 11th, when these two companies will take stage to unveil their latest collaboration. The blogosphere erupted in disappointment as Apple’s conference came to a close without some earth shattering re-invention […]

  • Can the iPhone 4S really hit the download speeds Apple advertised?

      As we sift through the information we’ve gleaned from yesterday’s iPhone 4S announcement, one of the details that left a little bit of fuzziness was in the advertised download speeds that Apple boasted. Specifically, they displayed a slide that shows impressive download speeds that rival those of 4G Android phones. Unfortunately, this was somewhat deceptive, […]

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