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Daily Digest October 29, 2011



  • Artist makes amazing animal sculptures out of old tires

    Want a cool idea on how to recycle those old tires that are just lying around in the backyard or the vacant lot? If you have three months, lots of patience and talent, you might be able to do what Korean artist Yong Ho Ji has done. Pictured above is a lion sculpture that Ji […]

  • Zombie Gameboy is better at eating brains than playing Tetris

    What happens to portable video game systems when they die? Why, they become zombies, of course. One creative individual has shown us proof of this occurrence with his custom-made Zombie Gameboy figure. This brain-eating (or motherboard-eating?) undead portable is the creation of self-proclaimed nerd Donald “kodykoala” Kennedy. He got the idea when he found an […]

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