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Daily Digest October 28, 2011



  • Google TV 3.1 is here! Here is what you need to know

    Google has always been the type of company to release a product in beta and let their audience help them fine tune it. This practice worked great when the products were all free. After all, how could you complain about something that’s free? When the products started to cost money, and not insignificant amounts of […]

  • The iPhone 4S has been jailbroken

    Owners of the new iPhone 4S may not have long to wait for a jailbreak. Though it’s still far from a public release, developer MuscleNerd has shown off the first images of a jailbroken 4S. MuscleNerd tweeted the following early this morning, assuring followers that the jailbreak is making progress: If you’re new to all […]

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