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Daily Digest October 25, 2011



  • ViewSonic ViewPad 7e arrives at $200 with a slice of Gingerbread

    We knew the Viewsonic ViewPad 7e would hit retail shelves somewhere under the $250 mark, and now we know exactly where. The 7-inch Android 2.3-powered slate has been added to the Viewsonic website listed as costing $200. For those two Benjamins, what do you get? As is the case with most Android tablets in this […]

  • Early impressions: Battlefield 3 multiplayer

    Battlefield 3 is out today, and it’s a pretty big deal. The squad-based first person shooter is the prime competition for the juggernaut that is Call of Duty and, while always an excellent PC game, is a shining example of just want can be done with today’s consoles. And while the new FrostBite 2 engine […]

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