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Daily Digest October 24, 2011



  • Software bug stops cruise control being turned off, Jaguar recalls 17,678 X-Type cars

    Car manufacturer Jaguar has had to recall nearly 18,000 of its X-Type cars after a serious software bug has been identified in the on-board system of the vehicle. The bug potentially stops a driver from turning off the cruise control system, which is more than a little dangerous. The good news is there have been […]

  • Microsoft now earns money from 50 percent of all Android tablets and phones

    Once again, Microsoft has padded its revenue stream with an Android patent license deal. This time around, it’s Compal Electronics — another name you might not be familiar with, but it’s a very significant win for the crew in Redmond. Like Wistron and Quanta, Compal produces devices for other companies — and they’re actually one […]

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