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Daily Digest October 22, 2011



  • Android-powered Lego Rubik’s Cube solver beats world record

    If you had an Android-powered device, a pile of Lego bricks, and a Rubik’s Cube, what would you decide to do with your time? Make a robot that could solve said cube faster than you could of course! That is what some enterprising geeks did, and they have a video to prove it. Called the […]

  • Overlooked decimal point creates biggest novelty slipper in the world

    Who doesn’t like a good pair of novelty slippers? If they keep your feet warm while adding a bit of comedy to your ensemble, it’s worth it for the chuckles you’ll get around the house. When Tom Boddingham decided to invest in a new pair of monster claw slippers, he had no idea what was […]

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