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Daily Digest October 20, 2011



  • LG develops 55-inch TV with 3.4mm bezel

    Ever since flat screen TVs replaced CRTs there has been an ongoing battle between manufacturers to make them bigger and/or thinner. Consumer models now top out at 60-inches, any bigger and you pay thousands more for them. The displays have also got picture frame-thin and much lighter than previous generations making wall-hanging a simple task. […]

  • Actress sues Amazon for $1 million after IMDb posts her age

    There are many questions that one should not ask a woman, covering a broad range of topics. Queries like “How much do you weigh?” and “How many boyfriends have you had?’ usually do not go over very well. Those questions pale in comparison to the ultimate no-no in relationships with humans of the female persuasion, though. […]

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