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Daily Digest October 14, 2011



  • As amazing as Siri is now, here’s how it can get even better

      ‘Tis the season for Apple fans around the world to line up (or wait for the doorbell to ring) and get their hands on a shrink-wrapped, boxed-up, shiny new iPhone. Of course the killer feature of this year’s iPhone 4S is undoubtedly the A.I. assistant, Siri. As Siri is described as Beta software, you […]

  • Microsoft seals Skype deal

    It’s official, folks: Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype is a done deal. The two companies can now forge ahead with whatever plans for dominating world communications they’ve hatched, though chances are good they were already working on them anyway. A note of apology goes out to the Italian VoIP company Messagenet, whose pleading that the EU re-examine […]

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