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Daily Digest October 12, 2011



  • China’s Angry Birds tablet is 7 inches of copyright-infringing fun

    Oh, those crazy Shanzai manufacturers. Long renowned for their… er… unconventional way of doing business, they’re the folks who churn out millions of gadgets every year that are “inspired” by devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Galaxy S2. Their latest masterpiece: the Angry Birds tablet. It’s built by the folks at Shenzen Technology Company, who […]

  • Sony to repair 1.6 million Bravia LCD TVs that may produce smoke or melt

    It’s not turning out to be a great week for Sony. Yesterday the company found out another 93,000 accounts had been hacked across its entertainment network including PSN. Now, Sony is having to issue a warning and offer repairs to some 1.6 million LCD TVs that are carrying faulty components. The faults are potentially dangerous, […]

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