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Daily Digest October 1, 2011



  • Mozilla Paladin project is developing Gladius, a 3D game engine for web browsers

    With the advent of HTML5 and WebGL, the move away from Adobe Flash and instead pumping out interactive entertainment directly in the browser has begun. We’ve already got HTML5 video, multiple 2D game engines are appearing that output to HTML5 and Canvas, and 3D is also making big gains pushed forward by several engines alongside […]

  • Follow the history of iPhone 5 rumors with this handy roadmap infographic

    If you’re like us, you have a love/hate relationship with iPhone 5 rumors. Yes, there’s always a few months before any Apple product is announced where the Internet is a flurry of “what ifs” and speculation about what the new product will entail. We love hearing all the iPhone 5 rumors because it gives us […]

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