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Daily Digest November 5, 2011



  • Carabiner-equipped LED flashlight means no more smartphone illumination

    The beauty of using a cellphone as a flashlight is that you always have it on you. The same can’t be said for something like a Mag-Lite as it just isn’t practical to carry something so large around all the time. There are multiple downsides to phone-based light though, the foremost being that they just […]

  • Apple’s 1988 vision of the future was scarily accurate

    You may have caught our coverage last week of Microsoft’s vision of the future. It’s full of paper-thin smartphones and tablets, holograms on taxi windows, and Metro-style tiles on refrigerators. But what about Apple’s vision of the future? That’s locked safe under maximum security in Cupertino, but what we can do is rewind back to […]

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