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Daily Digest November 3, 2011



  • Commodore announces the C64x Extreme including Core i7 chip and 8GB RAM

    Earlier this year Commodore USA made a grab for your dollars by re-releasing the Commodore 64. The C64x had the same external look as the 1982 original, but the internals had been replaced with a mini-ITX motherboard and an Intel Atom processor. Prices started at $595, which was a bit steep for the PC being […]

  • Sony patents biometric controllers to monitor gamer’s state

    All the major consoles have motion controllers now, but all three companies (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft) took different approaches to solve the same problem. The end results were the Wii Remote, the PS Move, and Kinect. It looks like the same might end up being true of biometric input for games. So far Nintendo is […]

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