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Daily Digest November 10, 2011



  • Chrome OS gets Windows friendly with NTFS support

    Google has checked off yet another item on the list of things to do to make Chrome OS more usable by adding support for NTFS file systems in the latest stable update. That’s excellent news if you use your Acer AC700, Samsung Series 5, or Google’s own Cr-48 in tandem with a Windows system. If […]

  • Bethesda admits the PC is a technical headache for games

    PC gamers have shown no shortage of frustration with developers in recent years over messy releases, “console-ized” ports, or no release at all on their platform of choice. Expect that to continue, says Bethesda’s Pete Hines, representing one of the top-tier PC game developers. “Good games are good games” regardless of platform, explained Hines, Bethesda’s […]

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