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Daily Digest November 1, 2011



  • Nerf introduces spitball sniper rifle, school children rejoice

    Teachers across the world are cringing this morning as Nerf has introduced a high-powered spitball sniper rifle for the ruffians seated in the back of their classrooms. Called the Max Force Shadow Hawk – 100, it uses paper pellets that are soaked in water for ammunition rather than the traditional foam darts we are used to […]

  • Shuttle 5820S Mini PC supports 16 displays, costs around $19,000 fully configured

    Usually, when you choose to build or buy a Mini PC it is to save on space rather than maximize performance as surely you need a full tower case for that, right? Not so in the case of the Shuttle XPC H7 5820s, which can support up to 16 displays. The 5820S is a very […]

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