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Daily Digest January 6, 2010



      MSI’s new Wind U160 netbook looks familiar

      Seen the Wind U160 netbook yet? Look familiar?
      Brad over at Liliputing was kind enough to post some images of the new netbook, which runs Intel’s new Pineview hardware. At first glance, it’s a good looking netbook. Upon further inspection it looks like the design was clearly inspired by Sony’s Vaio laptops. Check out this Vaio […]

      Analyst: Apple’s tablet runs custom P.A. Semi chips, not Intel’s Atom

      Apple’s rumored tablet must be nearing manufacturing, but Intel won’t be among dozens of component suppliers providing parts for the device, says an analyst. According to Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar who spoke to Apple’s manufacturing partners, Apple’s rumored tablet won’t come with a silicon from Intel. Echoing previous reports, Kumar told that Apple […]

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