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Daily Digest August 28, 2011



  • HTC Holiday spotted running on AT&T LTE with 4.5-inch display

    If you’re in the market for a new superphone soon and you want one that rides on AT&T’s speedy new LTE network, the previously-spotted HTC Holiday has been sighted once again. This time, it’s more than a Craigslist listing for a prototype with a broken screen — Engadget has scored a handful of photos and […]

  • Apple retires 99-cent TV show rentals from iTunes, Apple TV

    If you’re stuck at home for the weekend like many of the people along the East Coast are due to Hurricane Irene, you may have thought to yourself that everything would be fine as long as you had your trusty 99-cent iTunes TV rentals, you may be disappointed to find that Apple has removed that […]

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