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Daily Digest August 26, 2011



  • PlayBook OS 2 images leak: BBM, native mail/calendar, and AndroidPlayer on board

    While HP sorts out the bizarre supposed death and simultaneous skyrocketing popularity of the deeply-discounted TouchPad, RIM continues working away patiently at delivering a steady stream of updates to make the BlackBerry PlayBook a more compelling tablet for consumers. To do that, RIM is going to be delivering some of the confusingly missing bits of […]

  • Apple patent: Glasses will lets users see confidential info on their iDevices

    The day after Steve Jobs announced his resignation as CEO of Apple, the company is still posting more patents, adding to its list of 313 other patents, all of which list Jobs among the group of inventors. Surely Jobs had a role in today’s patent that covers a new invention allowing users to wear special […]

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