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  • Saved by the Bell becomes 8-bit choose-your-own-adventure YouTube Game

    Who can forget Saved by the Bell, the Saturday morning teenage sitcom that everyone loved. The geeks identified with Screech, the dudes ogled over Kelly, and the girls had Teen Beat pictures of Zack and Slater posted all over their walls. We’re talking real walls here, not Facebook walls. The show aired between 1989 and […]

  • Elecom puts 4GB of storage on a paper clip

    As flash memory chips continue to get smaller the main advantage is more storage in the same space. For example, the 64GB USB stick of today, will hold double or triple that in the same chip space within just a few years. However, there is another advantage to decreasing the size of the storage chips: […]

  • Make a “photobio” video from your digital pics using facial recognition software

    Face recognition software is a mixed bag. For some people, knowing that someone can snap a photo of your face with their smartphone and be linked to all of your personal information, including your social security number, is a bit worrisome. However, when put into the right hands, facial recognition software can do some pretty […]

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