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  • Fifteen-year-old UK student is now the Microsoft Excel 2007 World Champion

    Some kids dream of being a gold-medal-winning Olympic athlete, some dream of winning a Grammy, and then there are some who dream of winning the Worldwide Completion on Microsoft Office. Fifteen-year-old UK student Rebecca Rickwood can hold her head high as she’s now the World Champion of Microsoft Excel 2007. Rickwood competed against 228,000 other […]

  • Dan Kaminsky’s new app N00ter aims to keep ISPs honest

    After the FCC released its report illustrating how actual ISP bandwidth compares to what customers are promised, things seemed mostly rosy when it came to stateside internet access. Security pro Dan Kaminsky still thinks there’s some shady business going on behind the scenes, however, and he’s unveiled a new software tool that he hopes will […]

  • Leaked Sony tablet screens reveal Android 3.2 on the S1

    As far back as February 2011 we started catching glimpses at Sony’s Android tablet ambitions. What began as a sketch that looked like a folded-over magazine evolved into the sleek-looking S1, which Sony planned to compliment with a smaller model — the dual-screen, clamshell S2. With Sony promising to launch the devices before the end […]

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