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  • Droid Bionic specs briefly confirmed on Moto dev site

    On their developer site,, Motorola briefly posted what seem to be the specifications of the upcoming Droid Bionic. Supposing these are accurate they would be confirmation–straight from Motorola–of what the upcoming 4G dual-core handset will be running. Along with an official release date this is exactly what potential buyers have been wanting, though we already have […]

  • Sick of seeing .NET installs on Steam? Blame DirectX

    If you buy your games through Steam regularly you may have noticed a rather annoying feature. It doesn’t matter how up-to-date your system is with drivers, Microsoft insists on installing another copy of the .NET framework for every game that uses DirextX. Obviously this has resulted in anger and annoyance by some Steam regulars who […]

  • Internet Explorer users aren’t stupid after all, IQ study was an elaborate hoax

    Internet Explorer users may have been a little hurt when a number of news organizations reported on a study that claimed IE users have a lower IQ than people who use other web browsers. Some IE users thought the data was pure poppycock, but users of other browsers obviously rejoiced at the news. Well, it […]

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