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  • Logitech Revue drops to $99, that’s below cost price

    If proof were needed that consumers either aren’t ready for Google TV, or at least aren’t willing to pay for it, look to Logitech and its new strategy for selling the Revue hardware. The company released the Revue Google TV box as a launch partner with high hopes of cashing in on Google’s latest service […]

  • AMD 8-core Zambezi 3.6GHz FX processor to be $300

    There’s not long to wait now until AMD releases its Zambezi 8-core processors carrying the reintroduced FX brand badge for performance chips. In fact, we can expect them to become available on September 19. The FX series chips will include 4-, 6-, and 8-core models, but it’s the 8-core high-end processors we are interested in. […]

  • Nintendo Wii is the top console for Netflix streaming

    The Nintendo Wii might not pack the same kind of hardware muscle as the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3, but it’s still a fun, capable gaming system. It’s also a decent platform for streaming video content from Netflix — something I do on my own Wii on a regular basis. According to Nielsen, other […]

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