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  • Verizon accidentally leaks upcoming touchscreen Blackberry

    When RIM said they were going to release seven new Blackberry models this year, they planned to do it on their own time and make the release announcements on their own schedule. Verizon Wireless had other plans, albeit accidentally. Big Red accidentally posted a video demo of the upcoming Blackberry Bold 9930 when they meant […]

  • Converting an N64 to a handheld portable device in pictures

    The process of taking a games console and converting it to be a portable unit has been made popular by Ben Heck’s many projects, the most impressive of which include turning an Xbox 360 and a PS3 into a laptop. It’s not just the latest consoles that benefit from the portable treatment though, in fact […]

  • Gossamer: Finally, a web browser for your graphing calculator

    Most of us have used graphing calculators at some point in our lives; most likely in algebra or calculus class back in high school. The calculator’s large screen is also conducive for gaming, with simple games like Tetris providing a much-needed break while working hard on that calc homework. But it’s not just the screen […]

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