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  • Q&A: The man behind the amazing LEGO Lord of the Rings tower tells all

    We’ve seen some pretty awesome LEGO creations in our time. The LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler that took 9 months and over 10,000 pieces to make wowed us last month, but we recently came across an equally impressive and nerdy LEGO creation from one of our favorite movie and book series: Lord of the Rings. Kevin […]

  • Is Apple planning to buy Hulu?

    According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple may be considering a bid for Hulu, which put itself on the market several weeks ago. So far, Hulu hasn’t managed to attract many bidders, but rumor has it that a number of large companies including Amazon and Microsoft are interested in purchasing the company. Aside from […]

  • Google+ to get games via Games Stream

    If you’ve been hanging out at Google+ and wondering how long it would take for the service to get social games, wonder no longer. Inadvertently, according to SlashGear and TheNextWeb, Google has tipped an unannounced feature called “Games Stream” on a page labeled “Content that appears on the stream” at Google+. Regardless, it seems all […]

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