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  • New MacBook Air SSDs are not soldered in place

    When a new product comes out and someone–usually iFixit–tears it down, there is almost always something interesting revealed. Sure, the pictures are great and we appreciate someone being bold enough to rip apart a brand new gadget, but a thorough check under the hood of any new laptop, media player, or mobile phone will always […]

  • Star Wars Xbox 360 isn’t the console you’ve been looking for, move along

    It turns out that Kinect Star Wars is go for launch and Microsoft/Lucas Arts are not going to miss the chance to do some merchandising (where the real money from the movie is made!). When the motion-controlled Star Wars game comes out later this year there will also be a limited edition Xbox 360 bundle […]

  • Algorithms in conflict: Kevin Slavin’s TED talk

    One of the cooler TED talks that we’ve heard in some time was made available yesterday. In it Area/Code’s Kevin Slavin talks about algorithms and how they affect our lives, from the extreme (like breaking jet stealth) to the mundane. It’s an interesting talk and more than worth the 15 minutes it’ll take to watch it. […]

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