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  • The email nobody wants to see from campus IT

    When I was at university, laptops were still quite an expensive device to own. The netbook hadn’t even been thought about yet, and Internet access was a privilege reserved for the computer lab. Nowadays everyone owns multiple devices that can access the web. Your phone, your tablet, a cheap laptop, or a desktop PC, they […]

  • NASA and Threadless commemorate end of Space Shuttle program with awesome T-shirts

    Space Shuttle Atlantis and its four astronauts landed today at Kennedy Space Center after returning from the International Space Station. “Job well done, America,” said Mission Control when the shuttle touched down, ending the 30-year program. The space shuttles will retire in museums across the U.S., but they will always be in our hearts — […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S2 captures “miniaturized” city with time-lapse tilt-shift video

    Though it’s not available yet in the U.S., the Samsung Galaxy S2 is available in the U.K., and one creative S2 owner has just posted a very impressive video using the phone’s 8-megapixel camera. Stu Kennedy of shot a time-lapse video of Lincoln, a city in the U.K. Kennedy shot it in 1080p HD […]

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