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  • Google is experimenting with an infinite scrolling search page

    If you use any of Google‘s service you’ll have noticed the interface has been changing recently across a subset of them. The most noticeable for me has been the new black bar at the top of services like Gmail, Documents, as well as the redesign of Calendar. These updates are thought to be Google aligning […]

  • iPad 2 shipping time down to just 1-3 days

    When Apple first released the iPad 2, it was so popular that ship dates were as far out as four weeks from the time of purchase. Imagine ordering an iPad and having to wait up to a month to get it. Customers were clearly not happy with that, but Apple simply couldn’t keep up with […]

  • Archos G9 Android Honeycomb tablets launch September from $299

    If the initial assortment of Android Honeycomb tablets like the Xoom, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Iconia Tab left you impressed, but still leery to part with quite so much of your hard-earned cash, relief is just around the corner. Archos is nearly ready to unleash its G9 tablets, and the price points are looking very […]

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