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  • Samsung to sell different model of Galaxy Tab in Australia

    Apple’s legal battles with Samsung are far from over. Back in April, Apple went after Samsung with a intellectual property lawsuit alleging that Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones and tablets bore too close a resemblance to Apple’s iPhone and iPad. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet has been in the hot seat recently, and yesterday we […]

  • Google Chrome 13 adds Instant Pages and print preview

    What do most users think of when they think of Google Chrome? Speed. Chrome’s powerful V8 JavaScript engine and modified Webkit internals consistently place it at the top of browser benchmarks, but Google is constantly looking at other ways to make Chrome faster. In Google Chrome 13, Instant Pages have arrived to bring yet another […]

  • Toshiba launches 500GB/platter 1TB 2.5-inch hard drive

    Toshiba is attempting to push the limits of hard drive capacity once again by introducing a new range of drives capable of squeezing 500GB of data on to a single platter. The end result is a 1TB 2.5-inch drive using the tiny 9.5mm form factor. The ability to fit 1TB of storage capacity into such […]

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