Today is Sunday, 14th April 2024

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  • Eastern Sierra video captures beautiful shots of the Milky Way

    After watching photographer Jeff Chen’s amazing Eastern Sierra Time Lapse 2 video back in June, we couldn’t wait to see what he had in store for his next video. Just over a month has gone by and Chen has already graced us with his latest masterpiece: his third installment of his Eastern Sierra Time Lapse […]

  • Didn’t get to see the June 15th total lunar eclipse? Check this out

    Total lunar eclipses are beautiful events, but they can last for hours. If that’s not bad enough, the total lunar eclipse that took place on June 15 was not viewable for those of us in North America. Luckily, one photographer sped up the whole eclipse process in a stunning, one-minute-long time-lapse video that gives us […]

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