Today is Saturday, 18th May 2024

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  • Google is changing what we choose to remember

    Do you remember when there wasn’t a Google search engine? It’s hard because the company has been around for 13 years now. There are teenagers today that have never experienced a Google-free world. Before the Internet brought us the ability to type in a phrase and find the answers to our questions, we had to […]

  • Apple replaces OS X Downloads page with Mac App Store

    We’re still waiting for Apple to launch OS X Lion Lion–which we had heard would be released today in the Mac App Store–but we did discover some changes in the way we can download Lion, along with applications, widgets, and utilities. Until recently, Mac users have been able to access new software from the OS X […]

  • gScreen SpaceBook finally arrives packing dual 17-inch displays

    Laptop displays have gotten noticeably  thinner in the days since LED technology arrived. So far, that change has resulted mostly in thinner, sexier notebooks. And while light weight and ultimate portability are nice features for a laptop to boast, skinny displays created another opportunity that gScreen was happy to pounce on: two 17″ panels stacked […]

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