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  • Mac OS X Lion release date is not today, the waiting continues

    Rumors are rumors for a reason. Sometimes they’re right, and sometimes they get our hopes up only to let us down. That seems to be the case with the recent rumors of the new lines of MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros boasting the long-awaited Lion OS X. We originally noted that Mr. X, 9to5Mac’s source […]

  • Unofficial Minecraft port appears for Nintendo DS

    Nintendo has managed to lock the 3DS up pretty tight from hackers and homebrew developers for the moment, but the Japanese company’s previous generation handheld the DS was a hive of homebrew development activity. In fact “was” is the wrong word as this latest project shows it still is a platform being targeted by indie […]

  • Netflix now works on the Nintendo 3DS

    Netflix isn’t in many people’s good books at the moment after announcing a 60% price hike for its services earlier this week. Splitting movie streaming from DVD rentals means a $15.98 charge for those who want both, but if you just opt for streaming there’s a new device that can now playback Netflix streams. Nintendo […]

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