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  • Windows 7 passes 400 million licenses sold, Office 2010 hits 100 million

    It’s fair to say that Windows 7 continues to sell like hotcakes all over the world. The previously announced pace of 7 copies per second back in June of 2010 shows no signs of slowing, with Microsoft now trumpeting another significant milestone. More than 400 million Windows 7 licenses have have been sold to date, […]

  • Google Offers comes to New York and San Francisco, Google Shopper 2.0 hits Android Market

    Bargain hunters, brace yourselves — the competition on the local deals scene is kicking in to high gear. Two major announcements have been posted by Google this morning. First, that the redesigned Google Shopper 2.0 app is now available in the Android Market. Second, a major component of the upgrade to the app is the […]

  • Apple users buy more apps, spend more on them

    According to an analysis done by Forbes, Apple iOS users are not only more likely to buy more apps, they’re more likely to spend more money on those apps than their Android counterparts. Part of it has to do with the fact that there are simply more apps available in the iTunes App Store, but […]

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