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  • Quakecon 2011 lineup includes Carmack, playable Rage, Prey 2, Skyrim

    Bethesda, the publisher that now owns Quake creator id Software, has announced the show lineup for QuakeCon 2011, and it includes a keynote from John Carmack, a playable version of id’s upcoming Rage, and demonstrations of Bethesda-published titles Prey 2 and Skyrim. Carmack, in keeping with tradition of QuakeCons past, will kick off the show […]

  • Secret Service confiscate artist’s PC for secret Apple Store recordings

    We all know Apple carries a lot of weight in the tech world, but, as one Brooklyn-based artist learned, messing with Apple will result in a visit from the feds. Twenty-five-year-old artist Kyle McDonald was awakened by a knock on his door and four Secret Service agents after a little “art exhibit” he did at […]

  • Nexus S to serve as brain for 3 robots aboard the ISS

    The Nexus S is a pretty amazing piece of hardware. With its NFC capabilities alone, it’s capable of becoming a digital wallet and sharing just about any content on your phone with another NFC-capable device with a simple tap. But while your Nexus S might seem pretty cool down here on Earth, it’s going to be […]

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