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  • Verizon to offer iPhone 4 for $50 off, HTC Thunderbolt for free?

    VZbuzz has the iPhone community talking today about a rumored iPhone 4 sale price. The blog apparently caught wind of a potential upcoming sale on some of the most sought after Verizon phones in all the land. The iPhone 4 16GB is reported to be on sale for $150.99 with a two-year contract. That’s about […]

  • Facebook slams door on Google+ contact exporter

    Though it’s still invite only at this point, Google+ is generating plenty of buzz right now. And one place in particular that buzz is being heard is at Facebook, where the incessant droning is apparently drawing more than a few sneers. What’s got Zuckerberg and crew in such a tizzy? The mere fact that Google […]

  • AT&T finally offers iPhone insurance starting July 17

    When spending a chunk of change on any piece of technology, like an iPhone in this case, we often worry about losing it, having it stolen, dropping it, or getting caught in the rain with it. AT&T is putting our fears aside thanks to a new standard insurance policy on all iPhone models. Starting on […]

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