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  • Bing wins big in China, will serve results to 450 million users

    With a total population of nearly 1.5 billion and an online population of around half a billion, there’s no denying China’s importance as a digital marketplace. It’s also one that has proven tricky for Western companies to operate in at times — like Google, whose famous struggle with the Chinese government over censorship issues ultimately […]

  • Apple website hacked, could be targeted by Anonymous

    Now that the LulzSec team has disappeared into the ether, the amorphous non-collective that is Anonymous has once again come into focus as the anti-sec group to watch. This morning, however, it’s the work of an individual Labanese Grey-hat hacker going by the name idahc that is in the headlines. After idahc successfully discovered vulnerabilities […]

  • Six awesome slow-motion explosion videos

    It’s time for grilling, drinking (lemonade, of course), and fireworks this weekend. Every state I’ve ever lived in has outlawed fireworks. Besides the giant shows at baseball games, and the Macy’s Fireworks show in New York, being caught by the cops in even the vicinity of someone shooting off bottle rockets or other explosive objects […]

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