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  • Chrome and Safari rise as IE and Opera fall in June 2011 browser charts

    It’s the beginning of a new month, and that means the various browser statistic tracking folks have posted updated charts for all to see. Several trends continued this month in the browser world: Internet Explorer and Opera slipped, Chrome and Safari rose, and Firefox remained mostly unchanged. Chrome jumped .6%, which might not seem like […]

  • Biologist believes fingers wrinkle in water for grip

    If you spend an extended period of time with your hands and feet submerged in water, both your fingers and toes start to wrinkle on the tips. Do you know why? No, me neither. But an evolutionary biologist believes he’s come up with the answer: the wrinkles appear to give us better grip in those […]

  • Google updates Calendar, gives it the Google+ look and feel

    After the (somewhat) wide release of Google+ this week and a sneak peak at the new Gmail you’d think Google was ready to sit back and enjoy the long weekend. But people who have logged into Google Calendar recently have found out that that’s not the case–GCal has been updated as well. As seen in […]

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