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  • HP TouchPad 7-inch tablet due this August?

    In just a few days, HP’s first TouchPad units will be showing off their webOS sexiness on retail shelves across the U.S. — and then heading quickly to the U.K., Ireland, France, and Germany. Canadians (yours truly included) will be able to pick up their 9.7″ slabs on July 15th. HP has done a good […]

  • DIY antenna cannon was inspired by potato guns, powered by Android

    One of the difficult things about being an amateur radio fan is that you generally have to procure and set up your own gear, and that includes laying your own antenna. Normally, it’s done with pressurized rifles or using a bow and arrow tied to fishing line to get the antenna uncoiled and into the […]

  • HP TouchPad buyers to get 50GB of cloud storage free

    HP is well aware of the fact that challenging the iPad won’t be easy, but the company has a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to the TouchPad. Enterprise customers will no doubt find HP’s extensive business integration experience a plus, but that’s certainly not going to motivate consumers to shell out $500. […]

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