Today is Monday, 22nd July 2024

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  • Facebook reaches 750 million users worldwide

    Facebook’s numbers are just growing and growing–to the point that everyone these days is a member of the social network. In fact, Facebook’s worldwide growth just hit 750 million monthly active users. Though Facebook hasn’t confirmed it, TechCrunch reported the information from a “source close to the company.” Facebook hasn’t actually shared much about its […]

  • Google is advertising for a Games Product Manager

    Google has yet to publicly show the full breadth of its social strategy so that it can truly compete with Facebook, but the pieces are starting to come together. We’ve already seen the +1 social rating system rolled out, and now it looks as though Google is set to take a serious interest in games […]

  • Mass Effect Garrus Vakarian costume sports 75+ LEDs

    You have to be a serious Mass Effect 2 fan to put together a costume this intricate and detailed, and that’s exactly what Robert Rodgers is. Rodgers, an artist and consume designer from Florida, built the costume from scratch. He’s self-taught, but you wouldn’t know it from the quality and love he put into this […]

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