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  • Stanford overcomes major hurdle to solar-powered hydrogen production

    The holy grail of energy production is a totally clean burning fuel that can be produced without waste. We do have such a fuel in hydrogen, but producing it in a clean and efficient way has always been a stumbling block to it ever becoming an alternative to the fuels we use today. Hydrogen can […]

  • Geek deals: HTC Sensation 4G 1.2GHz dual-core Android smartphone, $179.99

    Smartphones are a crazy technology market to watch. The tech and features are moving as fast as computer technology did in the early days of the Intel Pentium M and Core processors. We’ve got fast dual-core processors stuffed into phones with high resolution screens and more gaming power than last generation game consoles. Strap onto […]

  • PlayBook’s lack of email at launch finally explained

    When you think of Research In Motion (RIM) it’s hard not to think of mobile email which most would agree is the bread-and-butter of their business. RIM made its mark through the launch of its BlackBerry handhelds and complimentary BlackBerry service that allowed corporations to extend the ability to receive and send email to mobile […]

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