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  • Oracle thinks Google owes it $6.1 billion in damages

    When Oracle acquired Sun in 2009 the company got its hands on a lot of desirable technology. While OpenOffice may have fallen by the way side, Oracle isn’t about to let the Java programming language and its associated patents remain untouched if they can generate some additional revenue. In fact, the company is currently in […]

  • Sony introducing new PS3 model, PS2 compatibility listed

    At the beginning of last week we learned that Microsoft is set to introduce a new model Xbox 360 Slim. The benefits of the hardware update include the CPU, GPU, memory, and logic all being on one piece of silicon. That in turn means less power consumption, less heat, and a smaller power brick. This […]

  • Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will support Kinect

    Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will be the first Halo game to support Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller. That much was confirmed by Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s general manaer of game studios, during an interview with GameSpot yesterday. Beyond that we know very little of exactly how Kinect input will be added to Microsoft’s number one gaming brand. […]

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