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  • Stupid kids show us why you shouldn’t hit an iPod

    Regardless of who manufactures an electronic device, to sell it in the U.S. it has pass a number of stringent safety tests. That means we can buy and use the device safe in the knowledge it isn’t going to harm us. What those tests don’t guarantee is that a device will continue to work when […]

  • YouTube gives Nyan Pop Tart Cat video its very own rainbow loading bar

    If you haven’t been keeping up with your cat-related meme, you may have missed the adorable Nyan cat. Let us explain: it’s an 8-bit animation of a cat that flies through space as rainbows stream from its Pop Tart body. We know it sounds strange, but it’s an internet sensation. YouTube confirmed that with surprise […]

  • Music label Numero Group opts out of Apple’s iTunes Match

    All seemed good and well at Apple after the company finally signed the four major labels just in time for its iCloud and iTunes Match announcement at WWDC. However, one indie label is stirring things up by being the first to publically denounce the iTunes Match service. The Chicago-based label Numero Group specializes in creating […]

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