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  • PS3 sales on the rise despite PSN hacks

    If PlayStation 3 owners were unhappy with Sony because of the PSN hack and the extended downtime surrounding it, or if you were thinking now would be a good time to pick up a used PS3 at a good price, you’d be wrong. Sony reported that PS3 sales actually went up while PSN was unavailable, […]

  • Microsoft speaks up on phone scams targeting Windows users

    Crafty malware authors aren’t the only cybercriminals angling to make an illegitimate buck off Windows users. For more than a year, unsuspecting users have been receiving phone calls from what sounds like a Microsoft tech support representative. It’s a scam, of course, but to the untrained ear the alarming news that Microsoft was notified of […]

  • Apple Back to School promotion is a $100 credit and printer discount

    Rumors of Apple’s Back to School promotion had many future-Mac customers talking about the possibility of Apple offering a $100 iTunes gift card instead of the iPod touch it offered for last year’s promotion. Today, we have the official word from Apple that it will indeed be giving college students and teachers who purchase a […]

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