Today is Monday, 15th April 2024

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  • Comcast to introduce Skype video calling via your TV

    On the eve of The Cable Show, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association’s convention, Skype and Comcast have announced a new partnership. As part of a special arrangement between both companies, Comcast customers will soon be able to make and receive high-definition Skype video calls and audio calls or send instant messages through their television. […]

  • Instagram hits 5 million users as it nears 100 million photos

    If you own an iPhone, you may be one of the 5 million who have downloaded Instagram, the popular photo-sharing social network. Five million may not sound like that many users, but it is when you consider that Instagram started just eight months ago and added 100,000 new users just this past weekend. Users collectively […]

  • How to watch the lunar eclipse tomorrow

    Tomorrow the world gets to experience the longest lunar eclipse in 11 years. However, your ability to actually watch it first-hand depends on where you are in the world and how late you are willing to stay up. Luckily, due to modern technology and a few helpful people in areas of the world where the […]

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