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  • Google gives Les Paul Doodle a permanent home

    Last Thursday, Google celebrated Les Paul’s 96th birthday with a special Google doodle. We’re sure you’ve heard all about it, and we can bet that you’ve most likely already spent more time than you’d like to admit playing around with the working six-string guitar doodle that allows you to play and record songs. Most of […]

  • Security researchers fingered for fraud in bogus blog post

    When you’re in the computer security business, you’re bound to wind up in the sights of those who operate outside the law from time to time — especially if you’re a high profile blogger. Brian Krebs and F-Secure’s Mikko Hypponen are two of the biggest names in the security business, and they’re no doubt aware […]

  • Wii U to launch May 2012? Sega thinks so

    Nintendo has made the Wii U official with the unveiling and teaser details being announced during E3 last week. We don’t yet know when the console launches other than a 2012 timeframe, but Sega may have just given us a very big clue. Alan Pritchard, Sega’s exectuive vice president of marketing, gave an interview with […]

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