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  • LulzSec hack porn website, find .mil and .gov logins

    The hacker group LulzSec is gaining quite a reputation for the amount of thought-to-be secure user data they have been leaking from websites lately. They apparently just do it for the lulz, but I doubt the sites they are hacking see the funny side. The latest victim is the porn website LulzSec managed to […]

  • Canbot is cute, stealthy, and hand-made

    Not every robot needs to be shaped like a human, or some kind of mech with long grappling arms and glowing red eyes. Canbot, made by Ron Tajima (who also narrates the video,) is a complex yet inconspicuous little robot that you would never pick out of a crowded table full of toys to be […]

  • Virgin Mobile to ship stock Android on smartphones

    Lately, it seems as though just about everyone wants to get in on the Android enthusiast love fest. We’ve already seen HTC announce that it would no longer utilize locked bootloaders — a move seconded and thirded by Motorola and Sony. HTC then announced the OpenSense SDK, which allows developers to build tight integration with […]

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